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PetSuds ® Probiotic Dog Shampoo with Conditioner PetSuds Premium Pet Shampoo is a vet erinarian formulated, hypoallergenic blend of enhanced ingredients to deeply clean and condition your pet’s hair coat, while also promoting digestive health through its special blend of added Probiotics. What are Probiotics? Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that are believed to provide health bene fits when consumed. Several mecha nisms of action have been proposed to explain how probiotic organisms act within a host to yield beneficial effects: First, they are thought to work to promote digestive health and maintain digestive balance. By replenishing and maintain

ing healthy intestinal flora, harmful mi crobes are naturally reduced. Second, they are thought to provide im munomodulation of the host by increas ing antibody or cytokine production, modulation of phagocytosis, and by stim ulation of nonspecific immunity. As dogs groom themselves and lick their paws, the act of self-grooming allows in take of these beneficial microbes, thus contributing to a healthier gut, and mod ulation the host’s immune system. The microbial consortium used in Pet Suds also work directly on the outside by consuming debris and animal body secretions to keep coats healthier; pro moting healing of rough, flaky, oily, or ir ritated skin.

ONLY Patented Probiotic Dog Shampoo on the Market

SKU PRODUCT NAME 5700 PetSuds - 16 ounces, 6/case

5725 PetSuds - 2.5 gallon 5705 PetSuds - 5 gallon

n Probiotic Dog Shampoo n Hypoallergenic

n Calming Lavender Scent n Promotes Digestive Health n pH adjusted formula promotes healing of flaky, oily, or irritated skin n U.S. Patent No. 10,111,829

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OxzPet ®

OxzPet is a color-safe, pet safe alternative to bleach for pet bedding, scrubs, surgical linens, towels, and other laundry items. OxzPet is an activated oxygen bleaching agent designed to clean as a color safe bleach. Just add one packet per load of laundry as a bleach alternative to bring out colors, remove stains and odors and clean all your kennel, veterinary and doggie daycare fabrics. Because OxzPet is an activated oxygen bleach, it will also remove soils and stains from plastics, stainless steel and hard surfaces, as well as eliminate nasty pet odors. OxzPet It is safe for use on laundry, carpet and upholstery while not producing fabric damage caused by bleach containing chlorine. Activated Oxygen Stain Remover and Cleaner

Steramine 1-G Sanitizing Dish Tablets 6 bottles/case, 150 tablets/bottle SKU: 5556 Commercial Washer & Dryer

OxzPet Stain Remover & Cleaner - 4 Bags SKU: 6300

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n Color safe bleach alternative n Multi-purpose cleaner an deodorizer n Veterinarian approved

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